H&R 2x5mm 10255571 for Audi 100, 200, 80, A2, A3, A6, Coupe, Quattro, TT

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H&R 2x5mm 10255571 for Audi 100, 200, 80, A2, A3, A6, Coupe, Quattro, TT
Bolt Pattern: 5x112

H&R 2x5mm 10255571 for Audi 100, 200, 80, A2, A3, A6, Coupe, Quattro, TT

H&R TRAK+ Wheel spacers System DR improve the look as well as the handling of your car and are compatible with both stock and aftermarket wheels. Wheel spacers are an ideal complement to lowering springs or coilovers. By installing H&R spacers, the wheels fill the wheel arches properly, which significantly improves the look and the driving behavior.

Product benefits:

  • High strength, light weight aluminium/magnesium alloy
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Hard anodized for greater surface hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Fit either stock or aftermarket wheels
  • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket suspension systems
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • The H&R 2x5mm 10255571 should be fitted between the wheel and the axial hub using longer bolts not supplied (please order separately). When ordering the longer bolts please state which cone type you require (i.e. taper, round, loose round or flat) and the required extra length.

    All screws for the DR Systems have to be ordered separately.
    System: DR
    Bolt Pattern: 5x112
    Centerbore: 57.1
    Width (in mm): 5
    Colour: Aluminium silver anodized

    Scope of delivery: Set for one axle (2 spacers) = Longer wheel bolts must be ordered separately! When using accessory rims, the wheel bolts vary. Please verify bolt specifics before ordering (taper or round bolt head and shaft length)

    MPN: 10255571
    EAN: 4048419001931
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1984-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1987-12
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1988-02
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1988-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1983-08->1989-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1984-08->1987-12
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1984-08->1988-12
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1984-10->1986-09
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1984-10->1988-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1985-03->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1985-08->1986-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1985-08->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1986-02->1988-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1986-08->1987-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1986-08->1990-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1986-08->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1986-10->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1988-01->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1988-03->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1989-06->1990-11
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1989-08->1991-07
    Audi100 (44 44Q C3)1990-01->1990-11
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1990-12->1992-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1990-12->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1991-08->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1992-01->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1992-03->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1992-04->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1992-07->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1992-10->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1993-07->1994-07
    Audi100 (4A2 C4)1993-11->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1984-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1982-08->1987-12
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1983-02->1984-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1983-03->1987-10
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1983-03->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1983-08->1989-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1984-08->1988-12
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1984-10->1986-09
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1984-10->1988-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1985-01->1987-12
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1985-03->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1985-08->1986-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1985-08->1990-10
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1986-02->1990-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1986-08->1990-07
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1986-08->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1986-09->1987-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1988-01->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1988-03->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1989-06->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1989-08->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1990-01->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (44 44Q C3)1990-03->1990-11
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1990-12->1992-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1990-12->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1991-09->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1992-03->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1992-07->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1992-10->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1993-07->1994-07
    Audi100 Avant (4A5 C4)1993-08->1994-07
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1983-08->1984-07
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1983-08->1986-09
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1983-08->1988-01
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1984-08->1985-07
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1985-01->1991-12
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1985-08->1991-09
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1986-11->1991-09
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1988-02->1990-11
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1988-02->1990-12
    Audi200 (44 44Q)1989-03->1990-12
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1983-09->1988-01
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1983-09->1990-12
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1985-08->1991-09
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1986-11->1991-09
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1988-02->1991-12
    Audi200 Avant (44 44Q)1989-07->1990-12
    Audi80 (81 85 B2)1982-08->1984-07
    Audi80 (81 85 B2)1983-10->1984-09
    Audi80 (81 85 B2)1984-08->1986-08
    Audi80 (81 85 B2)1985-03->1986-08
    Audi80 (81 85 B2)1985-08->1986-08
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1986-09->1990-07
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1986-09->1990-08
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1986-09->1991-08
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1986-09->1991-09
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1987-10->1989-07
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1988-08->1990-07
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1988-08->1990-09
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1990-03->1991-08
    Audi80 (89 89Q 8A B3)1990-10->1991-08
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1991-09->1992-07
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1991-09->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1992-04->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1992-06->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1992-07->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1992-08->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1993-02->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1993-06->1994-12
    Audi80 (8C2 B4)1993-11->1994-07
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1991-09->1994-11
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1991-09->1994-12
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1991-09->1996-01
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1992-07->1995-07
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1992-07->1996-01
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1992-08->1995-07
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1992-12->1995-07
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1993-02->1996-01
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1993-06->1996-01
    Audi80 Avant (8C5 B4)1993-11->1996-01
    AudiA2 (8Z0)2000-02->2005-08
    AudiA2 (8Z0)2002-05->2005-08
    AudiA2 (8Z0)2003-11->2005-08
    AudiA3 (8L1)1996-09->2001-07
    AudiA3 (8L1)1996-09->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)1996-12->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)1997-08->2001-07
    AudiA3 (8L1)1998-10->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)1998-12->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)1999-03->2002-04
    AudiA3 (8L1)2000-08->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)2000-10->2003-05
    AudiA3 (8L1)2001-10->2003-05
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1994-06->1995-07
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1994-06->1995-12
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1994-06->1997-10
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1994-08->1997-10
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1995-07->1996-06
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1995-08->1996-07
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1995-10->1997-10
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1995-12->1997-10
    AudiA6 (4A2 C4)1996-04->1997-10
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1994-06->1995-07
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1994-06->1995-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1994-06->1997-02
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1994-06->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1994-08->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1995-07->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1995-12->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1996-04->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4A5 C4)1996-07->1997-12
    AudiA6 Avant (4B5 C5)2000-07->2005-01
    AudiCOUPE (81 85)1984-10->1988-10
    AudiCOUPE (81 85)1984-12->1988-10
    AudiCOUPE (81 85)1985-08->1988-10
    AudiCOUPE (81 85)1987-01->1988-10
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1988-11->1991-07
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1988-11->1992-12
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1989-08->1991-07
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1990-05->1996-12
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1990-09->1992-09
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1991-08->1996-12
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1992-08->1996-12
    AudiCOUPE (89 8B)1992-10->1996-12
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1980-07->1987-07
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1982-02->1989-07
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1984-05->1987-07
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1984-12->1987-07
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1987-08->1989-07
    AudiQUATTRO (85)1989-08->1991-07
    AudiTT (8N3)1998-10->2006-06
    AudiTT (8N3)2002-09->2006-06
    AudiTT (8N3)2003-07->2006-06
    AudiTT (8N3)2005-03->2006-06
    AudiTT (8N3)2005-09->2006-06
    AudiTT Roadster (8N9)1999-10->2006-06
    AudiTT Roadster (8N9)2000-02->2006-06
    AudiTT Roadster (8N9)2001-01->2006-06
    AudiTT Roadster (8N9)2003-07->2006-06
    AudiTT Roadster (8N9)2005-09->2006-06
    3 - All DR-Systems require longer wheel-bolts. These have to be ordered separately.
    When ordering wheel-bolts please follow these guidelines:
    18 - These spacers without a double-sided centering are only useable for cars with a sufficient length of the centering
    to be able to center the wheels enough despite the spacer.
    Scope of delivery: Set for one axle (2 spacers)
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