H&R lowering springs BMW M8 Gran Coupé

H&R lowering springs BMW M8 Gran Coupé

The new BMW M8 Gran Coupé (F93) is lowered by up to 25mm on H&R sport springs. The springs are now available in our online shop and significantly improve the performance of the BMW. With 625 hp, the M8 Competition sccelerates to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

H&R lowering springs

The lowering springs are now available for the new BMW M8 Gran Coupé including Competition (type F8CM). The sport springs lower the vehicle by up to 25mm on the front axle and by up to 15mm on the rear axle. 

All H&R springs are made of a special spring steel to ensure first-class quality and performance. The springs can be used in combination with standard or retrofit-dampers and offer a sporty look. A powder coating also improves the corrosion resistance and at the same time ensures a high-quality appearance of the spring.

H&R manufactures all products in-house in Germany and supplies all sport springs with ABE or parts certificate.

H&R springs partfinder

About H&R

The secret to such success? To put it simply, the technology H & R employs to develop cutting-edge suspension systems for competition use is the very same used to develop innovative suspension components for street-driven cars. In addition, H & R maintains extensive involvement in several touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series. Not to mention the Formula 1- where each circuit may have its own demanding characteristics.

In the harsh environs of competition, H&R is able to test new materials and innovate production technologies. All of which can help racing teams adapt to changing road conditions accurately and efficiently.

Simply put, H & R is more than just a suspension manufacturer – it is a company whose core philosophies are innovation, quality and performance.

Order new H&R lowering springs for your BMW M8 Gran Coupé now, have a look at our special offers and benefit from worldwide shipping.

H&R lowering springs BMW M8 Gran Coupé
H&R lowering springs BMW M8 Gran Coupé

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