Bilstein B4 Shock absorber Damper 22-135032 front left for Bmw 3er

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Bilstein B4 Shock absorbers Dampers 22-135032 front left for Bmw 3er
Position: front left

Bilstein B4 Shock absorbers Dampers 22-135032 front left for Bmw 3er

BILSTEIN B4 is the reference for shock absorbers with gas-pressure. The standard for your car guarantees a perfect driving behaviour – as on the very first day.

For an optimum driving experience and safety
Over 60 years ago, Bilstein developed the monotube gas-pressure shock absorber for series production. The BILSTEIN B4 OE replacement series is available for practically any model of passenger car – in both mono-tube and twin-tube shock absorber versions!

Product benefits:

  • High traction and precise handling thanks to BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology
  • Comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability
  • Restores original ride characteristic
  • Constant damping power under any load
  • High OE quality
  • Optimum driving experience as on day one
  • Manufacturer: Bilstein
    Position: front left
    Paarige Artikelnummer: 22-135049
    Version: Twintube Gas pressure
    Scope of delivery: Shock
    MPN: 22-135032
    EAN: 4025258573348
    SKU: BILSTEIN_B4_22-135032_BMW
    BMW3 (E90)316 d 85 kW0005AQL 0005AVU
    BMW3 (E90)316 i 85 kW0005871 0005ADI 0005AVV
    BMW3 (E90)316 i 90 kW0005ALC 0005AVW
    BMW3 (E90)318 d 100 kW0005ALI 0005AWA
    BMW3 (E90)318 d 105 kW0005ALH 0005AVX
    BMW3 (E90)318 d 90 kW0005872 0005873 0005ADG 0005ADU
    BMW3 (E90)318 i 100 kW0005ALE 0005AVY
    BMW3 (E90)318 i 105 kW0005ALD 0005AVZ
    BMW3 (E90)318 i 95 kW0005874 0005ADK
    BMW3 (E90)320 d 110 kW0005830 0005ADL
    BMW3 (E90)320 d 115 kW
    BMW3 (E90)320 d 120 kW0005821 0005ADS 0005AWB
    BMW3 (E90)320 d 130 kW0005ALJ
    BMW3 (E90)320 d 135 kW0005AWC
    BMW3 (E90)320 i 110 kW0005820 0005ADN
    BMW3 (E90)320 i 115 kW0005AMF 0005AWF
    BMW3 (E90)320 i 120 kW0005ALG 0005AWD
    BMW3 (E90)320 i 125 kW0005ALF 0005AWE
    BMW3 (E90)320 si 127 kW0005ABY
    BMW3 (E90)323 i 130 kW
    BMW3 (E90)323 i 140 kW0005AJW 0005AWG
    BMW3 (E90)325 d 145 kW0005AFG
    BMW3 (E90)325 d 150 kW0005AWH
    BMW3 (E90)325 i 155 kW0005846 0005855 0005ADV
    BMW3 (E90)325 i 155 kW0005ALB
    BMW3 (E90)325 i 160 kW0005822 0005ADQ 0005AWI
    BMW3 (E90)325 i 160 kW0005ALA 0005AWK
    BMW3 (E90)325 i 163 kW
    BMW3 (E90)328 i 172 kW
    BMW3 (E90)330 d 170 kW0005875 0005ADH
    BMW3 (E90)330 d 180 kW0005ANL 0005AWL
    BMW3 (E90)330 i 190 kW0005823 0005ADT 0005AWN
    BMW3 (E90)330 i 200 kW0005AJU 0005AWM
    BMW3 (E90)335 d 198 kW
    BMW3 (E90)335 d 210 kW0005AFH 0005AWO
    BMW3 (E90)335 i 220 kW
    BMW3 (E90)335 i 224 kW
    BMW3 (E90)335 i 225 kW0005AFI 0005AWP
    BMW3 (E90)335 i 240 kW0005BCV
    BMW3 SERIES (E90)318 i 100 kW
    BMW3 SERIES (E90)320 i 110 kW
    BMW3 SERIES (E90)320 i 112 kW
    BMW3 SERIES (E90)320 i 115 kW
    BMW3 SERIES (E90)325 i 160 kW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)316 d 85 kW0005AWY
    BMW3 Touring (E91)316 i 90 kW0005ANK 0005AWZ
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 d 100 kW0005ALR 0005AXA 0005BEC
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 d 105 kW0005ALQ 0005AXB 0005BDX
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 d 90 kW0005ABZ 0005ACA
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 i 100 kW0005ALL 0005AXC
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 i 105 kW0005ALK 0005AXD
    BMW3 Touring (E91)318 i 95 kW0005ABX
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 110 kW0005854 0005ADW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 120 kW0005850 0005ADP 0005AXE 0005BDT
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 130 kW0005ALS
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 135 kW0005AXF 0005BDW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 145 kW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 d 147 kW0005BER
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 i 110 kW0005877 0005ADX
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 i 115 kW0005AMG
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 i 120 kW0005ALN 0005AXH
    BMW3 Touring (E91)320 i 125 kW0005ALM 0005AXI
    BMW3 Touring (E91)323 i 130 kW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)323 i 140 kW0005AJV
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 d 145 kW0005AFJ
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 d 150 kW0005AXK 0005BDS
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 i 155 kW0005ADY
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 i 155 kW0005ALP 0005AXL
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 i 160 kW0005849 0005ADO 0005AXN
    BMW3 Touring (E91)325 i 160 kW0005ALO 0005AXM
    BMW3 Touring (E91)328 i 171 kW
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 d 155 kW0005879 0005ADZ
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 d 170 kW0005878 0005ADM
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 d 180 kW0005ANM 0005AXO 0005BDY
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 i 190 kW0005876 0005ADJ 0005AXP
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 i 200 kW0005AJX 0005AXQ
    BMW3 Touring (E91)330 i 200 kW0005AJX
    BMW3 Touring (E91)335 d 210 kW0005AFK 0005AXR 0005BEA
    BMW3 Touring (E91)335 i 225 kW0005AFL 0005AXS
    BMW3 Touring (E91)335 i 240 kW0005AOY 0005BCC
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    Order BILSTEIN shock absorbers online at low prices. Select standard replacement and sports dampers using the configurator.

    Bilstein B4, B6 and B8 shock absorbers for almost all vehicles in the online shop at TUNERSHOP.

    The aftermarket benefits directly from many years of experience and expertise in OE development and racing: BILSTEIN has a wide range of products in OEM quality for series replacement for every application and every vehicle model.

    Realizing the perfect handling, building the perfect shock absorber - that is the motivation that drives BILSTEIN. Every day. And that for around 70 years.